Institutional contact point

A number of Institute Contact Points will be identified during the activities of the FETRIC project. These persons will be a trait d’union between Europe and the main research centres of Tunisia. They will be part of the network of Tunisian National Contact Points. Their main tasks are:

  • To collect data on Tunisian Research Centres
  • To fill in on-line forms about competences, skills, projects, collaborations and publications of Tunisian Research Centres
  • To participate to training on European research programmes
  • To train people for spreading information on European research programmes, funding opportunities and to explain how this mechanism works
  • To stimulate Tunisian Research Centres to participate to European funding opportunities
  • To facilitate the empowerment of Tunisian Researchers about the participation to Horizon 2020
  • To share information and experiences with the network of Tunisian National Contact Points 

The list of the Institute Contact Point will be published as soon as possible.


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